Easy times, difficult times…

Hello there! Yes, we’ve been silent for quite a while now. No, that doesn’t mean we’re down. Truth to be told: we had some difficult times lately. Both Michael and I had to do some jobs to earn money. It’s not the end of the world, but it consumes time that I’d prefer to spend on Splatter development.

But hey! Look at what we got done in the meantime! More main story content, a bazillion usability fixes, improved sound, and especially better graphics and lighting. You can judge for yourself by heading over to the Media page. The stuff not shown there includes a boss fight against a zombie-controlled harvester that you can drive yourself afterwards, an electric spirit chasing you and a cellar laboratory filled with venomous gases. Interesting times, indeed.

Speaking of “interesting times”: Splatter scored first place of all project presentations at the small-but-great indie gathering Devmania! Cool people there! I also submitted Splatter to the Independent Games Festival – such a deadline always brings out the best in everyone :-) Wish us luck!

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