Hey there! The game is growing nicely, which is something I’d like to show you. Head over to the Media page to see see some new images. For those interested in the details, here’s a list:

– Added path finding to help companions and enemies avoid to stub their toes. It’s really fast, it updates with every destructable element, and it makes use of multiple CPU cores for longer tasks.
– Added new graphics: buildings, stones, trees, vegetation
– New content: a few new levels for the main story, one of them being just talking. I’m interested in what you think about it: in this level you just walk around and talk to people, but you can accept side tasks to help them or just carry on with the main story.
– new GUI renderer, comfortable slow start after loading a saved game or pausing the game, and so on

As the list of open features is getting shorter every day I can now concentrate on new content more and more. I’m aiming for 4 to 5 hours of interesting things to play, which still leaves a lot of work to do. So have a nice day, I’m heading back to the editor.

4 thoughts on “Progress…

    • Moin Felix,

      sorry, ich weiß… hier war in letzter Zeit nicht viel zu sehen. Splatter hat sich trotzdem gut entwickelt, wir sind nur einfach nicht dazu gekommen, mal was Neues davon zu zeigen. Aber ich gelobe Besserung: bald gibt’s neues Bildmaterial und evtl. ein Technik-Video.