Game Modes trailer!

Hey there! New shiny stuff: the Splatter Game Modes trailer! And here it is:

You’re still here, so I’ll take that as an excuse to talk a bit about the details. First and foremost: we’re really close to Release now! That doesn’t mean that we’ll stop development – there will be updates afterwards that also bring new content for free. No, being close to Release just means that the initial set of features is nearly done now. And that’s a great thing!

But what is the “initial set of features”? Well, that’s what the new trailer is about. First there is the Story Mode – a series of levels telling a story, with cutscenes, characters, boss battles and vehicles. You play as Max, the guy you already know by now. He’s smart, he’s badass, but he’s a bit weak on the social side. Is humanity actually worth saving? You might be sure about this, but he isn’t. But he might end up doing it anyways.

Then there’s the Arcade modes, or just “mode” as it’s currently just one game mode, but more will follow. This game mode is called “Survival” because it’s all about standing your ground against ever-growing hordes of enemies. The longer you last the more points you get, earning you a place in the worldwide leaderboards. Your weapon upgrades from the story mode are also present here, so it’s worth watching out for secret areas.

And finally there are the multiplayer modes. Upto 4 players are supported locally on one computer. You can use xbox controllers, gamepads or multiple mice and keyboards. Either battle your friends in Deathmatch mode or stand together against the critters in Coop Survival mode. More Multiplayer modes will follow. Again the weapon upgrades from the story carry over to here.

I’ll stop writing now and get back to work. We still have a lot to do before we can release this bloody little animal into the wild, so I better get busy.

6 thoughts on “Game Modes trailer!

    • Ich hoffe möglichst bald! :)
      Die nächsten Tage wirds viel neues geben…

  1. Das Spiel macht in den Videos schon einen sehr ausgefeilten Eindruck, auch die Grafiktechnik. Schau’ auch immer wieder mal hier rein und warte sehnsüchtig auf euer Spiel :-)

  2. Guten Tag zusammen!

    Auf Eurer Indie DB Seite hat sich der Status von Splatter auf
    released Apr 30, 2013 geändert, aber eine Möglichkeit es irgendwo zu
    kaufen gibt es wohl noch nicht¿?

    Wann kommt es denn nun wirklich? =)

    Schöne Grüße:


    • Moin Blutarr!

      Danke für den Hinweis, das Datum auf IndieDB ist ja offensichtlich nicht mehr haltbar :-) Wir liegen aktuell in den letzten Zügen der Entwicklung und sollten das Spiel in zwei bei drei Wochen release-bereit haben. Es gibt noch soooo viel zu tun, aber das wird schon :-)

      Bis denne! Thomas