First Gameplay Trailer

Our first gameplay trailer is now online! It shows two minutes of gameplay from the story mode and the deathmatch multiplayer mode, all set to the beat of the Splatter battle music. I hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “First Gameplay Trailer

    • Thanks :-)
      Splatter is currently for PC/Windows only. I’m aiming to convert it to Mac/Linux after it’s done, and maybe to XBox360. Several persons already asked for a mobile version, but we’d need a clever new control concept to make it work there. Let’s see.

  1. meh does the game even use the dpad or analog stick? looks fun but doing all those ooitmns would get old really quick. i think i will pass and the shout minigame seems kinda dumb to me. i would look stupid shouting at my 3ds lol

    • Hi Jade,

      yes, analog sticks are supported. But Splatter isn’t aimed for the 3DS, and there is no shouting minigame.