Splatter – any version to “Blood Red Edition” (V1.4) – Download (176 MB)

Usage: simply install the update to the Splatter install directory.

Changes in V1.4:

  • Story campaign completely overhauled, extended with new levels
  • Battles and enemies rebalanced, feels like a new game
  • All story dialogue voiced
  • Collectibles, leaderboards
  • Improved graphics, sounds, effects
  • New languages: French, Italian

  • Changes in V1.3:

  • all dialogue, menus, descriptions now in:
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • English translation reworked once again to make some story-critical points clearer
  • Direction arrows are now configurable

  • Changes in V1.2:

  • added controller detection to main menu
  • added simple swarm behaviour to the monsters to keep them from walking over eachother
  • completely reworked the english translation
  • added direction hint settings to the game options
  • game now works on WindowsXP again. Sorry for that.
  • preparations for new languages to support
  • many small improvements and fixes to the story levels

  • Changes in V1.1:

  • much more money in all Story levels
  • added Gameplay statistics after completing Story mode
  • many details fixed, too
  • two new Survival maps
  • reworked the flame thrower and Imp fireballs
  • added Feedback screen and Update check