More Splatter: now on Linux and OSX!

After way more time than I’m comfortable to admit, Splatter is now finally available for Linux and MacOSX. Surely there still are some rough edges here and there which I’ll try to fix in the coming days. Head over to Steam to get it!


Splatter – Blood Red Edition!

Splatter is on Steam! And just got an update, bringing new features like optional autofire, VSync/Windowed settings, better Survival pacing and so on. But now all the cool new stuff is also available for Non-Steam versions! Over at the Downloads page you’ll get the update!

Splatter – Coming to Steam in June!

We got a new Splatter trailer! It shows some of the new content of the upcoming Steam release: enhanced and rebalanced Story mode, Achievements, Cloud Saving, friendlist-specific Leaderboards, improved graphics and sounds. Full Voiceover is still in the works.